Chickens As Hats!

Have you ever been bored? Chickens As Hats is the website for you!

There are many reason why you would want to wear a chicken as a hat. But one of the greatest reasons is to honor the tradition of our Icelandic people. Please pay their website a visit. Vitit Reykjavík Webpage.

Wearing a chicken for a hat has always generated a large amount of press, but now more than ever we must stand up to fight again the evil that is the society of 'pancakes for hat wearers.' Their group may be small yet their numbers have been steadily growing throughout the last three months. There needs to be a change within this society, wearing gluten filled, flat disgustingness on your head is completely unacceptable and should not be encouraged by the public.

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There are many appropriate occasions in which you can wear a chicken as a hat such as:

When humanity's lifespan finally comes to a close will we look back saying "we could have been so much more" or are we going to go out while clinging onto our loved ones while placing a chicken upon our heads and preparing for the stars to take us back to them again.

Look behind you.